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Source code in VB6,
available now for ONLY $99

Audio Play And Record is now sold only with Source Code (setup include also the activex compiled).
We stop this product and Station-Media, if you are interesting to continue this business, i sell it.
Just contact me for more information.
Current Version 2.13
- Bug fix: The MP3 comment wasn't read with tag version 2.
- Bug fix: The MP3 genre was always blank with tag version 2.
Version 2.12
- Bug fix: when opening an audio file from internet (from http and ftp).
Version 2.10
- Add new property to set a length in milliseconds to record an audio file and stop automatically: RecSetLengthMS.
- Bug fix: Before when opening an unexisting file it was created.
Version 2.01
Minor update to V2.0.1: change only in the demo setup.

What's new since version 1.1.1 ?
- Add multi instance to play and record multi audio at same times
- Add new audio functions like control volume, volume left and right, speed, treble, bass
- Add MP3 tag reading V1 and V2 with events
- Add MP3 reading frequency /bitrates /channel.

Audio Play and Record ActiveX 
Price $59, now $99 including full source code (vb6)
You need to Record an audio file from any source and directly to disk,
and/or Play multiple audio file or stream ?
TRY it now.

For Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista. (Not tested on Windows 95).

Recording an audio file:
Easy to record, just set the audio properties as you want:
Set Mono or Stereo
Set Frequency quality (example: 44100 or 22050,...)
Set Bits quality (example: 16 bits)
Set the filename including the path
Then call the RecordStart method.

Available methods: RecordStart, RecordPause and RecordStop
To take a look to all properties, just download the trial now.

Playing an audio:
You want an easy access to audio file or audio stream (from video) ?
Just specify the filename, then use the open method or directly the play method.
Much information is available such as, audio length in milliseconds or in hh:mm:ss:ss formats, played length, state,...

Now play multiple audio files at same time and control them individually (volume, speed, bass, treble).
If you play an MP3, get the ID3 tags header (track informations like, album, artist,...) from version 1 or version 2.

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visual basic activex to play and record audio control, order vb6 source code or download the demo version